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Java Web Start problem from Mac OS 10.8.4 and higher

Apple has modified the rules to let a Java Web Start application, such as SeeVogh, to run. This change applies from version 10.8.4 of Mac OS onward. Above is the typical error message you will see when you will try to start SeeVogh client using JNLP file.
We are working on a fix to assure our compliance with the new Apple rules. Until that fix is available, please follow the steps described below to start SeeVogh

1. Open the System Preferences

  • Open the "System Preferences" (/Applications/System
  • Click on the "Security & Privacy" button

  • 2. Unlock the Security Panel

    Click on the bottom left lock button to let you change the default settings. Then type your password if it is requested by Apple

    3. Change the default settings

  • Select "Anywhere" under the line Allow applications downloaded from
  • Click on "Allow From Anywhere" button in the Dialog popup window

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