SeeVogh Adds Recording And Playback To Its HD Video Conferencing And Collaboration Player

Monday, September 23, 2013

PASADENA, Calif. — SeeVogh, a hybrid-cloud based, multi-point, high-definition, video collaboration service is rolling out its recording and playback functionality to all users of its HD video conferencing software by October 15, 2013.

SeeVogh Recording permits the moderator to record a video meeting, and save it to their PC or a network storage device for playback, editing and conversion. This is an important step for users who document meetings, publish video on content sharing web sites like Vimeo and YouTube, or who self-hosted video content.

After the full feature rollout, this functionality will be automatically activated once a user has attended a SeeVogh meeting and has downloaded the Player. SeeVogh’s unique multi-tile display is carried into the play back process so users can manipulate the size of each tile during playback, which is helpful when viewing a meeting that has shared documents. Shared documents are notoriously difficult to view in any other recorded format. SeeVogh’s playback function allows you to enlarge any tile for easy viewing.

The recording functionality is selected from the SeeVogh menu. Users are asked to enter the Moderator “Room Key” to access this feature. Moderator “Room Keys” originate from the Meeting Room Creation process. There is no charge for this feature as it is built into the service.

Users may wish to export these recordings to web sites or video management products in an industry standard format. SeeVogh’s player permits any recording to be converted to AVI, MKV, MP4, WAV and MOV file formats for transfer to other systems. SeeVogh can also do post production editing during the conversion process including deleting individual video tiles from the final output. Output resolution can also be varied ranging from QCIF (176×144) on the low end up to HD (1080P), as well as custom resolutions.

About SeeVogh

SeeVogh is a software-only, hybrid-cloud based, multi-point, high-definition, video collaboration service. SeeVogh spans all client platforms including PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as, Android and iOS mobile devices. All of Evogh’s virtual meeting rooms bridge to H.323 and SIP systems through dial-in and dial-out connections. Meetings types range from round table experiences to plenary sessions with one or more simultaneous presenters and hundreds of viewers. A multi-video tile display permits dynamic, client-side display manipulation including full screen video tile detachment, client-side recordings, client side multi-video tile playback and multiple, simultaneous screen sharing. No software per-installation is required to join a meeting only the URL, and with our unlimited, self-hosting licensing model our cost is an order of magnitude less than a web meeting (which only does audio and screen sharing). SeeVogh is already deployed, integrated, and proven at dozens of organizations globally and is use regularly by more than 50,000 happy users.

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