SeeVogh Releases Moodle Plug-In That Makes Advanced Video Collaborations Possible For Millions Of Educators And Students

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

PASADENA, Calif. — SeeVogh, with the assistance of the Interactive Collaboration Environments Lab at Rochester Institute of Technology, have built a plug-in for Moodle. This plug-in allows instructors to use existing Moodle course development elements to add a video conference to any course. The Moodle plug-in is available now from SeeVogh and is free to users.

“Students and teachers simply jump into a video conference by clicking on a link embedded in the course content,” said Bob Koche, vice president of business development at SeeVogh. “This elegant implementation makes adding a video conference to any course a breeze and it is culturally consistent with the previously established flow already present in the Moodle software.”

Moodle is an open source software package for producing Internet-based courses and web sites, and is used by millions of educators globally. It has been voted by a global community of learning professionals as the number one learning management system for yet another year. It is Moodle’s ubiquity and acceptance by the academic community that put it on the top of our list for application integration.

SeeVogh has the largest user-base for cloud-based video collaboration among universities and research institutions. With its multiple, detachable and expandable video tiles make it an ideal solution for sharing documents, web pages and applications inside of video conferences. SeeVogh’s ability to simultaneously share multiple desktops has become a signature differentiator in the video collaboration space. These features have made SeeVogh very popular in education so it is only natural that SeeVogh now seamlessly integrates with Moodle learning management system.

More integration to other software applications is coming both from SeeVogh and from our user community. If there is an application that you use that would be improved with the addition of SeeVogh integration drop us a note on our web site.

About SeeVogh

SeeVogh, by Evogh, is a software-only, hybrid-cloud based, multi-point, high-definition, video collaboration service. SeeVogh spans all client platforms including PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as, Android and iOS mobile devices. All of Evogh’s virtual meeting rooms bridge to H.323 and SIP systems through dial-in and dial-out connections. Meetings types range from round table experiences to plenary sessions with one or more simultaneous presenters and hundreds of viewers. A multi-video tile display permits dynamic, client-side display manipulation including full screen video tile detachment, client-side recordings, client side multi-video tile playback and multiple, simultaneous screen sharing. No software per-installation is required to join a meeting only the URL, and with our unlimited, self-hosting licensing model our cost is an order of magnitude less than a web meeting (which only does audio and screen sharing). SeeVogh is already deployed, integrated, and proven at dozens of organizations globally and is use regularly by more than 50,000 happy users.

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