SeeVogh’s Android Beta Finishes Second in App China Challenge

October 23rd, 2011

Mobile China and App Planet China held their annual App China Challenge this week in Silicon Valley. More than a dozen start-up software companies competed to be recognized as a leader in mobile software innovation. SeeVogh from Evogh was selected by a panel of high-tech judges as the second place winner behind a social media start up. SeeVogh was demonstrated running on an Android mobile phone while in a videoconference with 16 people.

SeeVogh’s unique technology was able to display this conference over a 3G wireless connection with full-motion video running at more than 15 frames per second. Android users connect to other mobile users as well as PCs running Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. SeeVogh will enable mobile users to connect with legacy telepresence equipment in 2012.

SeeVogh’s Vice President of Business Development, Bob Koche said, “We are grateful for the recognition of Mobile China and App Planet China and appreciate the opportunity to connect with the mobile technology community of China.” SeeVogh attended the event to show their coming product and to look for partners in China.

About Evogh, Inc.
Evogh, Inc.’s is the developer of SeeVogh, the first cloud-based, HD, multi-point, videoconferencing and collaboration solution for PCs (Windows, Mac & Linux) and legacy Telepresence equipment. SeeVogh provides a total software solution without the expense of client software, proprietary servers or special network infrastructure. SeeVogh is available “by the slice” with an all-inclusive 10 participant virtual meeting room costing the same as a latte. Learn more at, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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