The SeeVogh Story

For more than 20 years Evogh’s founders Harvey Newman and Philippe Galvez worked together to find better ways to bring the world together through software video conferencing.  Both were working for California Institute of Technology (Caltech) where they were engaged with the global research community associated with the Large Hadron collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Their goal was to provide an affordable, carrier class, video collaboration solution for their global research network to accelerate the advancement of this groundbreaking science.  Fifteen years later they realized that dream with Caltech’s assistance and spun the technology out to a commercial enterprise by forming Evogh, Inc. in 2006.  Evogh has been providing LHC’s video collaboration services operationally since Evogh’s inception to tens of thousands of global researchers associated with the LHC.

Today Evogh’s users include distinguished institutions of research and higher education. The many global users include The Sorbonne (in Paris, France), JANET (UK), the University of São Paulo, Brazil, the Australian Research Council and dozens of others in over 50 countries in over a dozen languages. represents a focused evolution of HD, multi-party, video conferencing from the research and academic community to the mass market.  With a simplified interface and a cloud-based architecture SeeVogh provides high-end, video collaboration and standards based interoperability at a price point, which is orders of magnitude, less than traditional solutions and even other software solutions. 
Unique transaction models such as single meeting purchases and event pay-to-view provide flexibility never before seen in the video conferencing market place.

Evogh was acquired in October 2014 by eZuce, Inc. a provider of open telephony and unified communications (UC) solutions to enterprises and service providers worldwide.
This acquisition extends its open, software-based UC solutions with complimentary video and web collaboration capabilities, further communications-enabling enterprises to deploy multimodal communications across any system, application or mobile device.

Philippe Galvez, former CEO of Evogh, will join the eZuce management team as Chief Technology Officer. Philippe brings more than 20 years of engineering, entrepreneurial, and senior executive leadership experience, and will work closely with the eZuce team on the company’s technology and solution strategy. Evogh has development, support, administrative and sales resources in Eastern Europe and in Pasadena, California. These employees and contractors will continue operations as usual and will be integrated into the eZuce team over the coming months.

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