What is SeeVogh?

SeeVogh is a hybrid-cloud-based, high-definition, multi-point, video collaboration solution priced for everyone. SeeVogh permits users to connect in a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops with public and private text chat. SeeVogh connects PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux to mobile devices running Android and iOS and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP telepresence.


Do I need to register to participate to a SeeVogh meeting?

No. Just click on the link that you were sent and you can join a meeting. No user registration is required and your attendance can be totally anonymous.


Do I need to install some software to use SeeVogh?

A web address unique to your virtual venue launches a small Java web start application from your browser and you are off and running. There is nothing to install on your computer that drags down your system performance. If you do not have java installed on your machine you will be asked to install it the first time you attend a meeting.


Which operating systems does SeeVogh support?

SeeVogh runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.


Will SeeVogh run on my WiFi network?

Yes, however you should realize that streaming multiple videos to your PC is a bandwidth intensive application. When the last 50 feet of your Internet connection is WiFi you severely limit your throughput. Many users see a dramatic increase in quality when they connect their computer directly to the Internet with a physical cable. This is particularly true if you have multiple meeting participants connecting through the same WiFi access point.


How do I use the product and where can I get more product specific training?

Additional documentation and some video tutorials can be found on this page.


Is there support for H.323 and SIP Clients?

SeeVogh support H.323 and SIP. Users with these end point systems can either dial into a SeeVogh meeting or the participants in the SeeVogh meeting can dial out to H.323 or SIP end points. Our extensive interoperability testing assures you can connect with the legacy end points in your community. All this is done is software making SeeVogh an excellent, affordable replacement to your existing MCU infrastructure at less than the cost of your annual maintenance contract.


How can I contact Evogh about SeeVogh or other matters?

Product support questions, comments or feedback can be sent via this web form.

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