High Definition Group Video Conferencing

SeeVogh provides a rich video experience with high quality video like never seen before in software-only video conferencing. Our unique technology displays the optimal image for each participant automatically tuning the experience for the capabilities of their network connection and computer system.

 Share Your Screen or Application

SeeVogh’s unique video architecture allows multiple users to simultaneously share their screens or applications. This is a tremendous help when collaborating on multiple documents and you need to enlarge the windows to read small text. It is completely safe as only you have access to your computer and documents. Others can only see them.

 Configurable Display of Each Videos Window

The larger your meeting the more important it is to control your video displays. SeeVogh’s unique layout permits participants to vary the placement and size of each video window. Video windows can be detached from the page and enlarged for closer inspection. This is especially helpful when sharing text data like documents or web pages. Also, any video can be displayed on any of your monitors.

 Windows, Mac or Linux

Research, engineering and graphics teams have an equal seat at the table. If you’re working at a desk we have you covered with more to come.

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