Greg's Features

We deliver the World to you,
forget about the distances,
the new frontier is your imagination.

SeeVogh let you discuss in the most natural manner with a large number of person in real time. Those people could be in the next block or in another continent. It doesn’t matter and you don’t have to worry about.

A video/audio professional quality for anyone who as at least a DSL connection. All in a easy, appealing and intuitive environment.

Save your time, your money and the planet. SeeVogh is certainly the best way to reduce your carbon print foot. Our meetings servers are ON only for your meeting duration thanks to our deep integration with the Cloud industry. SeeVogh use your Graphical processor in addition to your processor to reduce the power consumption.

SeeVogh works on all computer’s operating systems : Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Soon Seevogh will be fully compatible with the professional videoconference equipment : H.323 & SIP

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