Quickly Attend a Meeting Room
    To attend a SeeVogh meeting you will need to install the SeeVogh application. This free application is available for download on PCs at this link (https://seevogh.com/seevoghdownload/) or for mobile devices (Android and iOS) at their respective download sites.

  • Download, install and run the SeeVogh application. (Make the word “download” a hot link to this page: https://seevogh.com/seevoghdownload/)
  • You will be asked for the meeting ID. Copy and paste the meeting ID into the cooresponding field. The person who invited you to the meeting should have provided you with a ten-digit number that is the meeting ID.
  • Enter the name you want displayed under you image in the “nick name” field and hit return. The application will run for a few seconds and next you will see your image and any others who have joined the meeting.


Quickly Attend a Meeting Room Video

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