SeeVogh Client Upgrade


We haven't updated you for a little over 6 months, but we have a good excuse. One that we think you will really like.  

We've been heads down on a major upgrade to SeeVogh's client. More awesome features, faster, prettier, and no cost to upgrade. 

  • SeeVogh’s new free client simplifies joining a meeting – download it today.  After many months in beta test with thousands of users SeeVogh’s new packaged client is available to everyone.  This upgrade eliminates the need to configure your browser’s security setting to accommodate the old SeeVogh Java client.  The new architecture allows faster start-up without any of the previous challenges associated with Java.  Our application is signed with a trusted certificate assuring that this new version and the automatic updates that follow are safe to install.  Older JNLP files have been replaced by .SRN files, which can also be used to identify and quickly join a SeeVogh meeting room.
  • You use to have to go to our web site, download the JNLP file and run it to start the application.  Now it is much more simple.  You download it once and it’s always ready for you there on your PC.  Just click on it to start the app and join the meeting you want.  Much easier and faster.
  • To everything there is a season and the time has come to retire the older Java client.  As of August 1st, 2014 the older Java client and the JNLP method of identifying and joining meetings will no longer be supported.  We encourage everyone to download and run the new client today.


  • Multiple screen layouts are now available – Towards the top of the left edge of the SeeVogh window is an arrow, which opens the screen layout menu.  There are five different screen layouts to choose from including: user selectable (default), low bandwidth, fixed grid, current speaker, and no in-bound video.  You’ll find the right layout for every situation whether you are connected with big pipes with lots of bandwidth or dangling on a shared WiFi at your neighborhood coffee shop.
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