Video collaboration is not the application.  It is a data stream that is part of a number of application user-cases.  Many use-cases that we can’t even imagine today.  So why does everyone sell a “Brady Bunch” display expecting it to work for all use-cases?  Similarly, why would I expect a SaaS video collaboration service to sell meetings by the seat per month?  Maybe I only need a virtual meeting room for a day, or from 8 AM to 10 PM on the third Thursday of the month.  Or just maybe, what I need is my own private meeting room service for all of my employees around the globe accessible through my private corporate portal, but selectively available to outsiders as-needed in a simple to access yet secure basis.  Video conferencing has lost its imagination and we mean to bring it back.

If you dream big dreams, if you think new thoughts, if you can imagine something beyond your father’s video conferencing system, then we should talk.    Our API has been used to add virtual presence to other applications, global organizations and mobile communities on the go.  To talk to us about your vision of implementing video collaboration in new ways contact us here.

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