An Unlimited Self-Hosted Instance (USHI) is the basic unit that we license to a user community.  It is sized by the number of virtual ports.  A virtual port is the conceptual equivalent to a physical port found on a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), but since there is nothing physical about a USHI we refer to the ports as virtual.  A USHI is like a MCU in that it brings many users together into one or more meetings, but it is different in that it includes free client licenses and a free web portal for meeting provisioning and administration.


The minimum number of virtual ports found in a USHI is 100.  These ports can be used in any configuration of simultaneous users, such as two meetings of 50 people, four meetings of 25 people, ten meetings of ten people, etcetera.  If a “bumper” is purchased with the USHI license it is possible to exceed 100 virtual ports during peak loads by bursting meetings to our USHIs.  There is no limit to the number of users who can access a USHI nor do you need to be a community member to attend a meeting on a USHI.  To attend a meeting you only need the meeting link (URL) as the application temporarily loads when you join the meeting.  It disappears from your machine when you’re done so there is no “application bloat” on attendee’s systems.


The minimum license term of a USHI is one-year and the resale of meetings is expressly prohibited unless you are a licensed partner.  There is no requirement for revenue sharing as a licensed partner and we encourage partners to develop their own monetization mechanisms.

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