SeeVogh is the first SaaS solution that makes financial sense for resellers.  Our architecture, licensing and partner program has been optimized for the channel to profit by selling SeeVogh meeting services and SeeVogh USHIs.  We recognize that the hardest part of high-quality video conferencing is the last 50 feet.  From firewall settings, to user adoption, to integration with legacy systems there is plenty of work associated with getting a community successfully started in video collaboration.  That is why we built a program that assures the mutual success of the customer and the reseller.

SeeVogh commoditizes everything between end points, but the end points still need support and care.  This is why resellers are so important to us. 
We are looking for partners who understand the “on-the-ground” challenges of the last 50 feet.
 You have to understand the legacy environments, the network, the cameras, the microphones and more. 
We recognize the channel’s importance in evolving this market from proprietary hardware vendors, to monolithic cloud providers, and now to our software, hybrid-clouds solution.


Our enticing Partner Program has a number of features designed to keep you tight with your customers and provide an on-going stream of revenue including:

  • Self Monetize – define a custom SaaS offering for your customers
  • Keep all of your SaaS revenue – nothing is owed to us
  • Commissions on USHI sales and renewals to customers if you choose to
  • Margin protection on USHI sales through our deal registration program
  • Free training and support

To learn more about our Partner Program request a meeting with us here.


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