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The future of video collaboration is up for grabs.  As much as Google and Microsoft would have you believe that they own the future it’s just not true.  The road to ubiquitous adoption will be paved one brick at a time and we will drag our legacy investments with us every step of the way.
 A cut-and-run revolution from the world of H.323 to the world of pure software clients doesn’t comprehend the resistance that IT organizations have on this change. No, cut-and-run isn’t happening.  Video collaboration is evolving admittedly faster everyday.  Faster because a solution like SeeVogh embraces the legacy and embraces the channel that is accelerating the evolution.

SeeVogh’s unique architecture and go-to-market design enables carriers everywhere to introduce software-only, cloud-based, HD video collaboration to enterprise, government and SMB customers under their own brand, their own control, and their own unshackled monetization mechanisms.  This flexibility gives carriers the ability to respond to global software companies that are stealing carrier’s legacy revenue streams.  No longer victims of disintermediation, carriers can use SeeVogh to respond in kind and take back their direct connection with their customers.  Additionally, SeeVogh empowers carriers to validate IT’s legacy videoconferencing choices through an evolutionary solution that embraces the old and the new, creating a stable, secure transition to the future.


SeeVogh’s channel friendly design fits well into the existing videoconferencing ecosystem developing local distribution networks to extend your connection with your native community.  Human contact, enabled through the intimacy of HD video, trumps any intrusive search engine profiling that panders to your community.  Your in-country channel is ready to help.  They need you to lead to take back your legacy.


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