Customer Uses

Office Replacement

“Because it doesn’t cost much we can keep it on all day, and it’s like we’re in the same office. We’re able to collaborate on the fly. That’s cool.”

-H.N. (Start-Up Founder)


Watch Videos Together
“I missed watching a video with Jennifer when we left for different colleges. It makes it easy to share them again and spend time together when we want. The only thing better would to be watching from the same couch. Can you do that?”
-B.K. (Student)


Large Meetings

“We have virtual team meetings where I can actually see the people asking the question. It’s changed the entire dynamic, and makes everyone feel like a real team.”

-P.G. (CEO)


High Definition Meetings

“When I do a video call with a potential client, those non-verbal queues, like rubbing the back of the neck, tells me they’re having some hesitation.  It’s a lot more effective to look them in the eye and address their objections.”

-R.K. (Business Manager)


Three-Way or More

“I’m able to tee-up a team for a client project since I can’t always be there for the project kick-off. Now everyone is on the same page.”

-K.K. (Project Manager)

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